Famous People Born in 1976

Chinese astrology regards the birth year as the most important parameter for studying the personalities and behavior of people. As each year is associated with a particular animal, all those who are born in that year are considered to have similar behavioral traits. The year 1976 is seen as the year of the dragon, an animal of sheer power and vitality. Here are some famous people born in the year 1976:

People born in this year are hot headed and sharp tongued just like this imaginary creature. They are full of confidence and ambition and have the potential to rule the world with their domineering attitude. Courage, intelligence and tenacity are the winning qualities which come naturally to these individuals.

Another positive trait in people born in 1976 is that they love to take challenges and risks and will not back out in any situation. At the same time, their hard working nature takes them on the path of success in whatever path they undertake. They are ready to go beyond the tradition and try their hand at new and unconventional things.

These people enjoy general good physical health though they might have to combat stress on some occasions. As far as career is concerned, these people do well in challenging professions, such as those of lawyers, journalists, engineers, managers, inventors and teachers.

Those whose birth year is 1976 are quite generous and caring in their relationships, but they tend to stay away from commitment because they are always on a lookout for an ideal partner. When they do find someone perfect, they are ready for a lasting bond.