Famous People From Brazil

Brazil is a mixture of ethnicities and races, paving theway for a rich diversity. Unlike other Latin American countries, that has a major chunk of the Indian population; Brazil is a combination of European and American races. In the year 1888, slavery was abolished in this part of the world, creating afurther blurring of radical lines. Language is one of the strongest barriers as far as the culture of Brazil is concerned. Portuguese is the main language spoken by the people. The capital of Brazil is Brasilia, and the climate is tropical, but it is temperate in the south.

Though there are many eminent personalities this country has produced in the field of science, economics, literature and politics but due to sports culture many renowned players belong to this country. The known people from this small but beautiful country are Ronaldo, Neymar, and Ronaldinho.

Pele is known as the Black Pearl and is responsible to a large extend of bring Brazil on the world football map. He left behind a legacy of footballers in recent times. It is due to his game and efforts that soccer has gained worldwide popularity and today a number of countries play this game.

The social structure of the people in Brazil are the family values and is the basis of stability for most of us. The family size is large, but in recent times they have been diminishing, and the extended family is close in stature. But despite all these facets, there is a class system still present in Brazil. Most of the Brazilians can be described as racist. However, the social discrimination is a rare occurrence on the basis of skin color is a common fact. The higher and middle class have a limited amount of interactions with the lower middle class. The classis determined by the skin color and the social status. Though women occupy 40 % of the reservations in jobs, they are mainly restricted to low paying jobs like maids, nursing or administrative.