Famous People Born in Virginia

Virginia is the best place for passionate people. This is the city which has its own exotic soul. This is the birth place of eight presidents and this is the reason why Virginia is also called the mother of presidents. Those eight presidents were George Washington in the year 1788, Thomas Jefferson in the year 1800, James Madison in the year 1808, James Monroe in the year 1816, William Henry Harrison in the year 1840, John Tyler in the year 1841, Zachary Taylor in the year 1848, and Woodrow Wilson in the year 1912.

The beauty of this place is remarkable due to the flora and fauna. It is one of the most populous cities due to its exotic scene and landscapes which offer pleasure to mind and soul.

Apart from the presidents, there are numerous famous celebrities and personalities born here as well such as world famous actress Sandra Bullock, amazing actor Chris Pratt, great scientist Edwin Catmull, famous basket ball player Deron Williams, business man John Franklyn Mars, the singer Kevin Michael Mckeehan, famous singer Pharrell Lanscilo Williams, singer Chris Brown, entrepreneur Sean Parker, football player Lawrence Taylor, famous novelist David Baldacci, amazing singer Brad Paisley and many more.

Virginia is an amazingly beautiful place as here you can observe the beauty of mother- nature everywhere. This is due to the fact that the sixty- five percent of the area of this state is covered with the beauty of flora and fauna. Virginia is mostly crowed with the people who are nature lovers.