Famous People Born in Queens

Queens is the largest among five boroughs such as Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. In this city, we can see different kinds of buildings such as big mansions of the rich and the comparatively humble abodes of the upper- middle class people. This city has two world's busiest airport in it. This borough has a low unemployment rate, which shows that Queens has provided jobs to almost every citizen. The present unemployment rate is below 5%, which is considered to be only a natural friction(frictional unemployment common to every economy)

In this small city, there are people with very great competency. Donald Trump is one such person who has immense self- confidence and knows all the business knacks to be a successful realtor. Immediately finishing his college education, he entered into this business. The first lesson of how to be a successful businessman was taught by his father who was also in this field. Even though he initially aspired to be a film actor, the knowledge that brain capital can be converted into money attracted him towards the real estate business.

One of the main attractions for foreigners in this borough is Flushing meadows Corona park which has a basketball court. There are close to 30 basketball leagues in and around the vicinities of Queens. Roy Hilbert is a basketball player who plays for the NBA.

Andrew Cuomo is a member of the democratic party and the present Governor of NewYork.As an efficient New York Governor, he has said no to Hydraulic fracturing. He did this as a part of environmental conservation. He has also legalized same- sex marriage.