Famous People Born in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the city of miracles. Here people have seen the times change; from being poor to being rich. Anything can happen here in fraction of seconds. People visit this place for adding fun and excitement in their lives. Here you can observe the Brooklyn Bridge which attracts a lot of people towards it due to the incredible scene of the whole location from there.

In the past years this place was a highly known location for trading and ferry landing. This place has numerous beautiful location and scenes that it is considered to be a paradise for the people who are photographers or who adore photography. The places and locations will leave you overwhelm. The Brooklyn museum here will let you know about the history and the passionate designs and structures will leave you astonished.

Many famous personalities were corn here such as the famous basketball player Michael Jordon, the boxer Mike Tyson, the business man Howard Schultz, famous actor Adam Sandler, the economist Janet Yellen, the politician Berbie Sanders, the Lawyer Jerry Reinsdorf, the politician Timothy Franz Geithner and many more.

There are only a few people who made their name famous in the whole world. There are many more but this list will be perpetual. The amazing views make it a dreamy spot for people who love to travel. This place has all the ingredients that a person desires in his life. The views from Manhattan’s skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge Park makes everybody’s heart filled with beauty and peace.