Famous People Born in Michigan

Michigan City is renowned for both its nearness to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore as well as for bordering Lake Michigan. Due to this, Michigan City gets a fair amount of tourism throughout the summer months, particularly by residents of Chicago as well as from nearby cities in the Northern Indiana. The lighthouse is a distinguished symbol for the city along with this it is included in the heading of Michigan City's sole newspaper, The News Dispatch, and the city's official seal.

Michigan City bears a lot of historical significance due to varied people who were born here and enriched their state. Jean Baptiste Point du Sable is considered as the first permanent inhabitant of Chicago, Illinois. In the year 1779, he was living on the site of contemporary Michigan City, Indiana, when he was detained by the British military on doubt of being an American sympathizer in the American Revolutionary War.

United States Marine, Daniel D. Bruce was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism in Vietnam in March 1969. He was born here as well. Allan Spear, eminent U.S. historian as well as political progressive, has Michigan City as his hometown too. Howard G. Ward Cunningham is a writer, software developer as well as inventor of the word and concept of the wiki was also born in this place. In cultural point of view this place is famous for these great people. The actor Charles Arnt and Academy Award-winning actress Anne Baxter were all born here.