Famous People Born in Chicago

Chicago is the third largest and the third most populous state in the US. This city claims to have the largest number of Highways in the US and has the world's busiest airport in terms of movements. It is interesting to note that 16 out of 30 of the world's busiest airports in terms of the number of movements are in the US. It also draws to itself a lot of tourists from all parts of the world. This city's contribution towards the arts, music (Jazz), novels is remarkable.

There are a lot of strong sports teams in this city which give a tough competition to the opponents. The world famous basketball players like Derrick Rose, Jabari Parker and Jannero Pargo are born in Chicago. Derrick Rose, who is known to be a Mr. Basketball Player rose to fame has been honored with lots of awards like NBA's most valuable player, NBA rookie of the year. He plays for the team Chicago Bulls.

It is awesome to note that three of the world famous women, of course, the world's most powerful women in business in born in this place. Ginni Rometty is the woman who at present heads IBM-international technology company. This awesome city is the birth city of another famous business woman called Susan Wagner. Needless to say, it is the birthplace of the successful politician Hilary Clinton as well.

In the field of arts also, Chicago city doesn't fall short of famous and successful people. Renowned actors like Harrison Ford, Robin Williams and Terrence Haward are born in this city. Then what about creativity? The world's most creative man Walt Disney was born in Chicago.