Famous People Born in Indiana

Indiana is a state in the US which is 38 largest in size and is the 15th most populous state in this country. The economy has grown by 2.1 percent, giving disappointments to the people of Indiana as the expected growth rate was about 4% in this state. It hopefully expects to make it up by showing a better performance of 3.7 percent at least for this year.

Its economic performance to a large extent depends on the demand for its goods and services both within the state and throughout the world. This state, which faced a heavy blow in its economy due to the great recession during the year 2010 is now improving due to the pharmaceuticals and medical device sales.

This state may suffer a great collapse in the economy, but still it doesn't fall short of famous and shining stars who are born in this wonderful place. The king of pop Michael Jackson is born in Indiana. He started gaining attention when he performed on television and radio along with his brothers. He has equal talent in dancing whose dance steps beautifully complemented the beats of his music.

The next in this list comes Angela Ahrendts. She is a lady who takes the credit of being a senior executive in Apple Inc. She is the 25th most powerful woman in the world. Her unique leadership skills made her one of the most influential women in the world. Before starting to work with Apple Inc she worked with blueberry.

Some of the other famous people in Indiana are David Letterman, Tony Stewart, etc.