Famous People Born in Los Angeles

In the United States of America, Los Angeles is considered to be the second largest city. In today’s era; everybody dreams to visit this adorable place once in the lifetime to experience its charm and feel enchanted. The famous streets here such as Sunset Boulevard that makes you experience the scene from the ocean to downtown L.A. the Rodeo drive and Santa Monica Boulevard etc. always tempt people to enjoy the location. Its neighbours Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills are also huge centre of attraction here.

This city is full of glitz, media, glamour, art, economy and business. No one can miss the number one tempting sensation here i.e. ‘The Hollywood’. Many excelling personalities have their birth place in this city such as Oscar Award Winner Leonardo DiCaprio, The world famous actress Angelina Jolie, a legendary actress as well as model Marilyn Monroe, the actress who became famous from the most adored T.V. show Friends i.e. Jennifer Aniston and many more. Los Angeles has three most common factors money, name and fame. This city has infinite visitors due to its tempting, dreamy and glamorous locations like Disneyland, Warner Bros. Studio, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Paramount Studios, Hollywood sign, Hollywood Boulevard etc.

The Economy of the city describes that it has been incubation pot for latest and most innovative ideas. L.A. stands at the second position in the field of automobile industries. You can observe that nearly; all of the world famous automobile companies have their centres in Los Angeles. In short, America’s prosperity is ignited from here.