9 Most Frugal Super Rich People Of The World

9 Most Frugal Super Rich People Of The World

9 Most Frugal Super Rich People Of The World

Frugal living means living a life of modesty. There are many rich personalities who live very simple lives.

Here are the world famous super rich persons who are the best examples of the rich living frugal and modest lives.

1. Mark Zuckerberg - Net worth : $9.4 Billion (Founder of Facebook)

mark zuckerberg

The billionaire who invented the track that connects people throughout the world lives a very simple life. Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth is $9.4 Billion, still he wears simple attire instead of fancy suits. He even celebrated his wedding at his backyard and was even seen at McDonalds during their honeymoon.

2. Ingvar Kamprad - Net worth : $3 Billion (The founder of IKEA)

ingvar kamprad

His net worth is $3 Billion, still he lives a frugal life. He often travels in economy class. He even has his dinner at normal restaurants instead of highly expensive ones.

3. David Cheriton - Net worth : $1.3 Million (Stanford Professor)

david cheriton

He believes in simple living. According to him, rich people who spend a lot of money in making huge houses have something wrong with them.

4. Christy Walton - Net worth : $27.9 Billion (Heir to Walmart Fortune)

christy walton

Despite all the money, she gave her son a normal upbringing. She believes in frugal living. She always prefers having everything very simple and classy.

5. Tim Cook - Net worth : $378 Million in 2011 (CEO of Apple)

tim cook

His current net worth is actually unknown. According to the researches, it was $378 Million in the year 2011. He believes in living a modest life. He even says that money does not encourage him, it is his passion which motivates him to do his best.

6. Tony Hsieh - Net worth : $1 Billion (CEO Of Zappos)

tony hsieh

This rich personality believes that his happiness is being among the people whom he loves a lot. Money does not hold any value in his heart. This is the reason he lives a simple life.

7. David Green - Net worth : $4.5 Billion (CEO of Hobby Lobby)

david green

Inspite of all these riches, he prefers a frugal living.

8. Chuck Feeney - Net worth : $2 Million (The Founder of Duty Free Shoppers Group)

chuck feeney

He is an extremely frugal personality. He believes in charity and helping others. He has given away a lot of money for varied causes. After the charity of billions of dollars, still his net worth is $2 million.

9. Karl Albrecht - Net worth : $25.4 Billion (Co-founder of Aldi)

karl albrecht

The net worth of Karl Albrecht is about $25.4 Billion. He is extremely rich but still prefers living a modest life. He never spends extra money on anything.