Famous People with Zodiac Sign Cancer

Cancer, represented by the Crab, refers to the zodiac sign of the people born between 22?nd June and 23rd July. A typical Cancerian personality is full of compassion and kindness, with soft feelings for others and always willing to lend a helping hand, they are good confidants and anyone who entrusts them with a secret should be sure of its safe keeping. These individuals have a great sense of intuition and are imaginative too. They are good at remembering life lessons and treasuring memories.Here are some famous people with zodiac sign Cancer

People with the zodiac sign Cancer are unselfish in nature and are attached deeply to their loved ones, particularly their family. At the same time, these people also require a great deal of love and care to feel secure in relationships. They always cherish the things they love and keep them close to their hearts. Though they are close to their loved ones, they seldom share their personal life and feelings with others and prefer to keep things to themselves.

On the negative side, the typical Cancer personalities are susceptible to sudden mood swings and constantly changing emotions, which make them hard to read and decipher for others. One moment they may seem like the most joyous people and in another moment, they simply withdraw into their shell and become reserved. They are not fond of being in the limelight but prefer to be on their own and in a close group of their friends and loved ones.