Activists are the people who go beyond the ordinary lives and have the courage to stand for a cause, to bring about a change in their locality, country or the world as a whole. They can be called revolutionaries because they make efforts for bringing revolution and this is the quality which they possess innately. Such people are a different lot, they have a will and a way of their own and this makes them unique personalities.Here are some famous people who have contributed their bit as activists:

There have been activists around the world, who have started young, as students and carried the torch as they have grown as individuals. Such people are concerned about improving the world as a whole as they push their limits to support a cause. They have a bigger purpose in life, not like the ordinary people who aim to earn money or achieve some personal and professional goals. Activists are rather concerned about the positive changes as a whole, which make the world a better place to live in.

People who are activists by occupation follow a different path, which is not even known to the normal people. They have the courage to walk this unconventional path, which is not something easy. Empathy is another characteristic trait of such persons as the desire to help others comes naturally to them. Helping others and striving for their social goals gives them personal satisfaction and this is the payout they look for in this occupation.