Guenther Fielmann Success Story

Guenther Fielmann Success Story

Gunther Fielmann

Born in 1939 in one of the small villages of Germany named Stafstedt, Guenther Fielmann today happens to be one of the most inspiring names among successful businessmen.

günther fielmann , the man behind glass empire

The founder and chief executive officer of Fielmann AG is ranked 437th in the list of global billionaires with an estimated net worth of $4.6 billion as per the reports of May 2015, Forbes. He is the 28th richest person in Germany.


günther fielmann producing his own  spectacles

In the year of 1972, Günther Fielmann opened an optometry shop in Cuxhaven. Before establishing the shop, Mr. Fielmann did a thorough research on the market for eyewear for consumers and saw that there was a gap, especially among those who used the eyewear in the mandatory health insurance payment scheme. After signing a contract with the AOK insurance at Esens in 1981, he designed 90 fashionable frames and revolutionized the German spectacle market.


at presentation of honorary citizen

Fielmann AG has been the dream project of Günther Fielmann, who is the state-approved master optometrist. With 687 branches in Germany, it also has branches in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, and the Netherlands with more than one franchise in those countries as well.

In 2014, the company reported an approximately €1.43 billion sales figure with the sale of 7.6 million glasses. The company is listed in the German MDAX index as well as in the northern German regional HASPAX index.

Personal Life

son marc and günther fielmann at the annual meeting

Fielmann is divorced with Heike Fielmann. Marc Fielmann, one of his two sons is expected to take over the charge of the company.  Being guided by one of the most successful parent of the world, Marc is expected to perform even better in terms of business. No matter how intuitive the person is, it is impossible to be outstanding without proper guidance and mentoring and Guenther Fielmann gives his best to make his son the worthy successor.


günther fielmann with angela merkel

Gunther Fielmann With Angela Merkel

Apart from being the Chairman and Member of Management Board of Fielmann Aktiengesellschaft, Guenther also served as head of Human Resources of Fielmann Aktiengesellschaft and resigned from the post on March 31, 2005.

How rightly they say that you can’t be number one at your work if your work is the only thing you do. Fielmann is also a passionate organic farmer and in order to inculcate the importance of greenery in the lives of people, he started this excellent idea to plant a tree for each of his employee every year. It was in 2009, he planted the one-millionth tree accompanied by Minister President Peter Harry Carstensen and Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Federal Cross of Merit First Class

Fielmann Glasses Design

Full Name :
Gunther Fielmann
Born :
17th-Sep -1939
Zodiac Sign :
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Networth :
4.3 billion USD

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