Famous People Born On February 20

Individuals born on 20th February feel a strong sense of spiritual calling, and can be driven by an overwhelming sense of destiny. They are inquisitive about almost everything & want to know them. They are indecisive and can be easily confused. Their sun sign is Pisces & these individuals are characterised by compassionate, adaptable, devoted, and imaginative. Famous people like Rihanna, Fred Jackson, Trevor Noah, Cidy Crawford, Roger Penske, Ivana Trump, Kurt Cobain - are born on 20th February & strongly exhibit the traits of Pisces.

  • Fred Jackson Success Story

    Frederick George, as of the 2015 season, he is the oldest running back in the NFL. "Fred" Jackson is an American football running back. Jackson is an all time Buffalo Bills fan favorite. He played college football at Coe College. Jackson made his first NFL appearance...
  • Rihanna Success Story

    Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being. Rihanna, a name very popular in the world music industry symbolizes talent coupled with sheer dedication to passion. She is known for her striking personality and deep voice that moves millions. ...

They are extremely friendly in nature & goes out of their way to help friends. They are too sensitive and lacking in self-discipline and lacking self-confidence for a positions such as that makes them a perfect mis-match for occupying the top notch corporate position. What they are good at is writing, acting, poetry, or being musicians – which has creativity into it.

They have their two halves of life – one the real life & the other which is mystical & spiritual, where they interpret what they see into what they want. They do their job with high intensity & passion.

20th February individuals are very good at understanding people for they have the ability to excavate into the psyche and see behind a person's motivations & emotions. They have extremes of emotions and feel both good and bad intensively depending on various situations. They are highly empathetic & hate to be rejected and they try to treat others the way they want to be treated so they will hardly neglect a person for fear of hurting their sentiments. Generally they are involved into numerous romantic relationships, before settling down in life.