Famous People Born in 1980

Chinese astrology relates every year with an animal of the zodiac and people born in that particular year are believed to possess the personality traits similar to that animal. 1980 is the year of the monkey and like this mischievous animal, these people are curious, clever and witty. Their intelligence and energy gives them magnetism that attracts one and the all. Here are some of the famous people born in the year 1980:

They are crafty and good at playing jokes, and sometimes they even hurt others as they do so. Their intentions, however, are never bad. Another positive quality of these people is their creativity, which enables them make the best of the opportunities available to them.

The people born in the year 1980 are quick learners and love to live active lifestyle. They love to participate in outdoor activities and love to experience the flavors life has to offer. Their love for challenges attracts them to fast paced urban life. They are hard workers and adaptable, and these qualities make them suitable for a variety of professions, including those of bankers, accountants, engineers, film directors, stock market traders and salesmen.

In relationships, they find it hard to be committed as they look for variety, but they settle down for good once they find a perfect partner. They are sociable people and communicate well with others. However, they possess some negative traits too. They can be quite eccentric and restless and sometimes find it hard to bring out their talents.