Famous People Born in 1971

Chinese astrological system lays a great deal of emphasis on the birth time of a person and studies his personality traits on its basis. In fact, this system associates each year with an animal and people born in that year seen to possess the traits similar to that animal. 1971 is the year of the pig and people born in this year are considered to be positive personalities, with qualities of compassion, diligence and generosity. Here are some famous people born in the year 1971:

They have good concentration as well as high energy levels, both of which enable them to achieve their goals. Also, they are always willing to lend a helping hand to those who are in need. They are calm people with the capability to face the toughest situations with great restraint.

People born in the year 1971 bear their responsibilities with commitment and finish every task they undertake. They are good at handling things and encounter hardships without being disturbed. Career wise, these people are lucky and achieve a lot in the careers which require creativity. Success comes to these people in the fields of entertainment, transportation, hospitality and retail. They generally enjoy good health but they should avoid excess of anything, whether it is eating, drinking or smoking.

The 1971 born people are good at making social interactions as well as building relationships. They make good friends because they are sincere but on the other hand, they need to be careful as they can be easily tricked by others. In romantic relationships, they are very affectionate as well as faithful towards their partners. With the right person, long term commitment comes easily to them.