Famous People Born in 1961

Chinese astrology associates each year with an animal and the people whose date of birth falls in the particular year are believed to possess the personality traits of that particular animal. The year 1961 is seen as the year of the ox and the people born in this year are seen as individuals with great confidence and self assurance. Here are some famous people born in the year 1961:

Patience is the greatest virtue they have and they make sure that they never hurt others with what they say, which is the reason why they are concise and measured with their words.

People born in the year 1961 are born leaders, with immense physical stamina coupled with mental sharpness. Together, these qualities make them successful in whatever endeavors they take up. These people are diligent and patient in the tasks they take up and do not give up till it is done. They are blessed with a sharp memory and seldom forget any event, even if it has happened months ago. They do well in careers involving leadership, such as those of business leaders, surgeons and army generals.

On the outside, the 1961 born people appear easy going and peace loving, but they can be very stubborn and dogmatic in their views. Things are either black or white for them and they are never grey. They have a fierce temper, a trait that comes to the surface when others oppose the way they work. At the same time, they have the positive quality of being extremely loyal towards their loved ones.