Famous People Born in 1955

The Chinese Zodiac associated the year 1955 with sheep, which is seen as the most creative sign in this astrological system. People born in this year are regarded to possess the attributes of a sheep and they are charming and sensitive like the animal. They are shy and well mannered but are seldom practical, which makes them say wrong things at wrong time. They have a deep attachment with their loved ones and almost never lack friends, as they possess innate innocence and charm to attract a close circle of protective friends and allies.Here are some famous people born in the year 1955:

People born in 1955, like typical sheep, always want to be surrounded by their loved ones and being at home is what makes them most comfortable. These people cannot be called ambitious but they are passionate about the things they want to do and put in their best efforts once they find them. Being good at artistic careers is another quality of these individuals and they excel as actors, artists, interior designers, grade school teachers and pediatricians.

The 1955 born people are nature lovers and are attracted towards activities like gardening. They have a great sense of style and are known for their elegant dressing sense, though they can become obsessed with appearances. They take time to build trust in relationships and when they are able to do so, these people make great companions. A negative trait in their personality is that they suffer from insecurity and anxiousness, even in their daily lives.