Famous People Born in 1947

The birth year of a person determines his personality traits as well as behavior to a considerable extent. For this reason, people born in a particular year are known to have some common attributes to their personalities. According to Chinese astrology, people born in the year 1947 have the characteristics of a pig because this is the year of the pig. They are seen as people of great honesty and loyalty, and stand by their friends and loved ones through thick and thin. They have pure hearts and always keep the well being of others ahead of their own good. They are born with great chivalry and are curious when it comes to their intellectual level.Here are some famous people born in the year 1947:

People born in 1947 are great optimists and always give positive advice to those around them as they always desire to do good for others. Their lives are focused on serving others and they would never leave a stone unturned for doing so. Such people are voracious readers but are scare with words, though they could go on and on, speaking on the topics of their passion and with persons who are like-minded. They do well in the field of politics, entertainment and social work.

People whose birth year is 1947 have a negative side to their personality too, which comes because of their own qualities of loyalty and honesty. They tend to be naïve and take advantage of because they have a belief that every person is good as they are.