Famous People Born in 1944

The birth year of a person has a direct impact on his behavior and personality and this is why astrology lays so much importance on the year of birth. 1944 is seen as the year of the monkey and people born in this year possess the characteristic traits of this energetic and cheerful animal. These people are naturally intelligent, even genius, with the ability to solve the toughest of problems with great ease and ingenuity. They have an inborn charisma and charm, which attract others towards them.Here are some famous people born in the year 1944:

People born in the year 1944 have a hunger for knowledge and would make all the efforts to satiate this hunger. Also, they have a string memory and are able to retain all they learn from a particular experience. For these reasons, the people around them, their family, friends and business associates, look up to them with great admiration. They have original thoughts and ideals, which makes them inventive at whatever career they pick up. Their luck also favors them and brings them success.

On the negative side, the monkey people can be quite impatient if they do not get things as they want, but they are quick to cool off too. When it comes to relationships, monkeys are highly passionate but they are also quick to lose their interest in people. This applies to the work front too, as they tend to leave things in the middle rather than complete them till the end.