Famous People Born in 1938

Astrology is the science which studies the personality and behavior of people on the basis of their birth date and time. Generally speaking, all the people born in the same year have certain personality traits in common. People who are born in the year 1938 are regarded as the tiger personalities, and this makes them strong and dynamic. They are commanding in nature and a source of fascination for others. Their free spirit is the reason of their rebellious nature and they are seldom tied down by the accepted norms.Here are some famous people born in the year 1938:

People born in the year 1938 have sheer magnetism in their personalities. At the same time, they show great affection and loyalty for the people who are special to them. They are naturally commanding and have an air of authority, something which makes them figures to be respected and looked up to. When it comes to taking a stand, these people are fearless and strong, with very definitive view about the right and the wrong. They are very emotional too, good at showing their feelings to others. Their personality has an adventurous streak and they can take off to a trip unpredictably, at a very short notice.

Born leaders, these people would prefer to work in solitude rather than with others. On the flip side, there are also some negative qualities associated with the personalities of 1938 born people. They can be very short-tempered if things do not go their way. Also, they tend to be reluctant when it comes to making up their minds about something.