Famous People From Germany

Germany is located in Central Europe and is one of the important countries of EU. It shares borders with the North Sea and the Baltic Sea with an amazing coastline. The population of Germany is estimated to be around 81,880,000. The language spoken here is German. Some of the greatest names in the country include Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist and philosopher of all times. The major religion is Protestant with close to 50 % of the population following it, the remainder 37 % of the population are Roman Catholics, with the rest of the people embracing Islam.

The country has a temperate climate that is warmer towards the south of the city. For people who want to migrate to Germany, they need to be aware of the high cost of living and the expensive cost of medical insurance. However, they have tax agreements with some of the major countries of the world which make their passage into the country a bit easier.

A known personality of Germany is Alois Alzheimer. He was a renowned neuropathologist and a psychiatrist. He is credited with the first identification of the case presenile dementia that later on came to be known as Alzheimer’s disease. He has opened new dimesnion of study of pshychiatry which is followed by the world till date.

Another known persoanlity from this land is Otto Von Bismarck who was Prussian Stateman from 1860 to 1890. He was the first chancellor and played a major role to unify this nation. By profession he was a lawyer and later joined the army also. He ran the business of his father for a few years and later enter into the politics. He made the empire of Germany from a small state.

Germany boasts of an excellent public transport service with a fast, comfortable railway network operational round the country. All the major towns along with cities have a good public transport network which includes metro railways and buses that are reliable. In many of the cities in Germany, people are advised to abandon their vehicles and travel by cycle.