Famous People Born in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the most crowded state in the New England region of the northeastern. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east. More than 80% of Massachusetts' population lives in the Greater Boston metro area, a region influential to American history as well as industry.  

Massachusetts City is famous for varied people who played a great contribution in art, culture, education as well as entertainment and also in sports sector. Edgar Allan Poe was born here. He was an amazing short-story writer, poet, critic, and even an Editor. He initiated the modern detective story. The atmosphere in his tales of horror used to be extremely fabulous that no other American fiction could ever do. His well known poetic creation i.e. The Raven is one of the best-known poems in national literature. Another celebrity John Lee Love who was a carpenter in Fall River, was born here. He invented several devices. In the year 1895, Lee patented a lightweight plasterer's hawk. In the year 1897, he patented a portable pencil sharpener known as the Love Sharpener.

Great American figure skater Gracie Gold was also born in Massachusetts. Gold began training for skating properly in second grade. In the year 2010 Gold was considered a rising star in the sport of figure skating. Two years later she received silver at the 2012 World Juniors and the 2012 Rostelecom Cup. Gold also won silver at the 2013 U.S. Nationals. Apart from these people many other famous personalities are born here as well.