Famous People Born in Boston

Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts and has many world's accredited higher studies institutions that draw millions of students worldwide. It has the special honor of having a lot of sports teams which won several championships in many fields of sports. The list of successful people in this place goes on. These are the famous people who are born in Boston.

This city has also witnessed many historical events like the American Revolution, which led to the overthrow of the British from the American Country and led to the formation of the United States of America, Boston tea party, etc. This city is famous for philanthropy because a lot of contribution for philanthropy comes from Boston.

In addition to the rich culture, Boston has raised a lot of successful people who set an example for others to follow. Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of the US was born here. He had invented a lot of things related to physics, which has benefited humanity to a large extent. He was the first person to propagandize the colonial unity of thirteen of the British colony in North America. He also strongly propagated the theory of self- governance among the people.

In addition to the rich sports culture it has and educational universities which impart high- quality education, its contribution from finance, IT and other services is also noteworthy. The world's 18th richest person Sidney Alderson is born in Boston. He is the Chairman and CEO of Las Vegas sands corporation and owns an Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom. He is a lover of humankind who has donated 2.5 million dollars in the year 2014 to Drug- free Florida committee.