Philanthropy means ‘Lover of Man’. Philanthropist is a person who is involved in activities which are related to benefit the people and the society. Usually philanthropy is associated with people who are very wealthy, as they have many resources and money to donate. In fact, many religions actually make it mandatory for people to donate or regularly engage in charity.Following are some of the noted Philanthropist across the globe :

  • Charles Stewart Mott Success Story

    There are plenty of business tycoons who played a vital role behind establishing USA’s stronghold in global scene, but few can come close to the versatility and achievements of Charles Stewart Mott. A leading U.S. automotive industrialist, he was also well known for his ...
  • Paul Allen Success Story

    Childhood Paul Allen was born on January 21, 1953 in Seattle, Washington. He is famously known for co-founding Microsoft along with Bill Gates. He has around $15 billion of wealth as of 2013 and is one of the Top 60 richest people in the world. He met Bill Gates at...

 Philanthropist is actually engaged in activities which will not directly but indirectly affect or contribute towards other people. Philanthropists donate their time, money, skills, and materials to support their causes. They are responsible for filling gaps in the society where no one else can work or reduce the gap.

Many a times people related to art are depended on charitable trusts or institutions to arrange charitable events and conferences where organizations like museums and various groups arrange pools of donations or which are resources of donations. Usually a philanthropist prefers to donate to such exhibitions or events rather than directly contributing to the cause.

In short, a Philanthropist is a person who has ample wealth and who by his own wish is capable of donating a portion of his wealth or money for a probable cause, it includes promoting a charity or contribution to that particular charity. People generally have a perception that a person is philanthropist because there was lack of moral, religious or humanistic approach in his life.