Famous Journalists

Journalists are of different types like Reporters, Sub Editors, Photojournalists, The Editor, The News Editor, Feature Writers, and Specialist Writers. Journalist work regarding finding and presenting information to the general public. Journalist should be ethical in reporting various forms of news to their audiences. Following are the renowned Journalist around the world.

  • Jeremy Clarkson Story

    Profile Jeremy Clarkson is a renowned English writer, Broadcaster, columnist, and Journalist specialized in motoring. His Top Gear show on BBC TV done along with James May and Richard Hammond was extremely popular with audiences. His humorous style of presentation ...

Due to the increasing forms of media, journalists have developed more work than before. Journalists usually work by writing articles for publishing houses, newspapers, magazines, they have to be technologically advanced these days. Also Journalists now a days have also an incline towards the digital media which includes posting articles, information, news online with photos and videos of that particular story or news. In the present world journalists need to be familiar with current affairs and should be confident enough to write about the topics or issues he / she has taken up.

Being a journalist is not only about writing articles but also includes interviewing various sources for research, to provoke minds by asking questions so as to receive the required replies or answers. Journalist have excellent communication skills, they have to be confident enough to ask questions and take replies from the general public or whomever they are interviewing, as even the most experienced Journalists sometimes find it difficult to ask questions.

Journalism also involves News Journalism, Political Journalism, Entertainment Journalism and Business Journalism. In order to become a journalist an individual need to have interest in the world, love different languages, have an alert mind, should be confident enough to approach people and question them, should be persistent but also be polite and also friendly.