Famous People Born On May 31

If you are born on 31st May – you are a Gemini. Those born with the Moon in Gemini are very lively and moreover this sun sign is considered as a communication oriented sign. The person is always curious to learn new things and also to understand every small thing minutely. You always have an inborn need to get as much as information about the world surrounding you. You share your birthday with Daryl Katz, Duncan Hunter, Brooke Shields, Clint Eastwood, and Ellsworth Kelly.

The person is easily adaptable and always likes to try something new. These people are popular and are seen as a leader in the social circles. People are drawn to their looks and charms in life. They have a unique point of view towards life. Mars is supposed to be the plant which rules our passions and drives.

In most cases the people born with Mars in Gemini are always very angry, or they may remain fired up. Whenever they are angry, they just want everything to be removed from their heads. They also have a positive side they are very sharp witted and have to ability to win arguments easily.

When you have the sun in your sun sign Gemini then you are considered as a person who has tremendous oratorical skills, you just love to talk on various topics. The best part is that you do thorough research before you speak. You make sure that you understand the crux of any topic. You never get bored of any topic always lively and ready to learn.