Famous People Born On November 24

Individuals born on 24th November are Sagittarius by zodiac sun sign. They are charismatic in nature and become quite popular among their circle. Their warm, witty & friendly nature is sought after as a friend among all others. 24th November individuals are eloquent, diligent and receptive with a curious mind. While they are warm & courteous in nature, they also prefer to be very straight forward. Highly ambitious, enterprising & judicious in their approach – that’s how Sagittarius behaves. Some of the famous personalities born on 24th November are –Sarah Jane, Najib Mikati, Katherine Heigl, Nuruddin Farah, Zeinab Badawi.

They are known for efficiently handling their financials & wealth. They remain a step ahead of others & makes intelligent investments. They mostly excel in the field of social work, they don’t work for money but to make a difference to this world. 24th November born guys share a close and cordial relationship with their parents, siblings, relative and friends. They prefer to involve in a relationship after spending some time with that person as a friend.

Sagittarius has always luck on their favour & this is all because they being very optimistic & positive. They are inquisitive & look forward and never bother to dwell over the past, according to them past is something to be left behind. They are very reckless & irresponsible, which creates a bad patch on their traits.