Famous People Born On April 23

People who are born on 23rd April are of the kind of people who always carry an aura of charismatic charm with them. These are the people who are being able to create a new amount of idea among the individual and they have always being able to make their presence felt for the same as well. Born under the sunshine of Taurus these people have the ruling planet as Mercury and Venus. Some of the famous people born on 23rd April are: JW Turner (Romantic landscape painter) ;Max Planck(Physicist); James Buchanan and so on.

They have a very artistic bend of mind and are very down to earth personality trait. They are quite witty and clever and have a very cleaver thinking process.

People born on 23rd April have a great poetic bend of mind and they have a idea that will be able to give then the better understanding of the situations around them. These people have always being imbibed with a flow of opportunities and then they have been able to create a amount of good terms with the individuals at large as well. Since the ruler planet is mercury these individuals tend to be a bit rebellious as well which in term can effect their growth and hence they will also have to control the temperament for the same as well in the right way.

One of the great personalities born under this sunshine is William Shakespeare who was a famous writer and poet of his times and has the greatest creations being given in his name so far. He was one of the greatest personality born in the field of art and drama and had made the greatest amount of contributions for the same as well. He was also the pioneer in terms of writing.