Famous Poets in the World

Poet is a creative person, who weaves words and sentences into rhythmic poems as per his/her mood. It seems to be simple when people say that a poet writes poetry. But, what a poet may write or do depends on a number of factors like whether the poet is a professional or amateur, is he / she well known or recognized, also if the poet is writing full time or an augmentation to his work. A poet may not belong to a certain community, poets come from a diverse variety of backgrounds.

To become a Poet is not easy as it is not considered to be full time profession in certain places and hence needs popularity or recognition to earn their livelihood. Poets usually submit their poetry’s to magazines for certain columns, if the Poet is lucky enough he may find himself publishing a book as their talent was recognized through those columns.

Many people are good Poets without having proper know how about the technicalities. Poets try to depict or convey romantic themes, truth about the human condition and in the same manner depict horror. Finally, it depends on the Poet to reflect his thinking, state of mind and ideas in the poem he / she writes, also the Poet hopes to communicate his message through his poems and into the minds of the people. Writing poems should not be only about deriving profits but also encourage or advance the educational career of that Poet.