Famous People Born On December 22

There are many people born on 22nd December as per zodiac Sagittarius, fortunate favor you as you are one of the luckiest sign. These people are more confident and don’t mind for taking risk. You are best known for hard working, patience and determination. Some of the famous people born on 22nd December are G. Hannelius, Brooke Nevin, David S. Goyer have unique traits and personality features these people are well understood in handling finance.

  • Ernest Moniz Success Story

    Synopsis Ernest Moniz is a world-famous nuclear physicist from America who also holds the current honorable post of United States Secretary of Energy- under American President Barack Obama since 2013. ...
  • Kazuo Hirai Success Story

    Hardwork, perseverance and sheer passion is what it requires to make a mark in any trending precinct today. Kazuo Hirai, president and chief executive officer, Sony Inc., is one such incredible example of the te...

You are invested in working towards the goal. Earth is the paired element for your zodiac sign. So you have the cardinal relationship with this element. They avoid personal matters for professional commitments. Individuals are realistic and practical in their goal. Naturally you are a slim person. You have the problem of facing fear and rejection.

Individuals are loyal and dedicated to their relationships. You are quite possessive and protective with your friends and families. You are likely to do well in the field of media and journalism due to their communication. You don’t have a long list of friends. You are so afraid of failing that keep many emotions hidden. Normally you need to encourage in order to grow. You choose friends based on your emotional support. You have to work for more financial support.