Famous People Born On October 21

As per astrology, people born on 21st October come under the zodiac sign of Libra. These people are considered as loyal Libra. They have excellent communication skills .They can communicate very effectively with people from any background and social status. They have a very good circle of friends due to their energetic and attractive nature. Some of the famous people born on 21st October are: Liliane Bettencourt, Kim Kardashian, Douglas Leone, Amber Rose and so on.

They are very inclined to their friends and it doesn’t matter for them what differences of opinion their friends have. They are fun loving people. They are very affectionate people and take much interest on the problems of other people. They have the ability to share their ideas and thoughts openly to the other people around them.

People born on 21st October have natural talents. They are versatile, intelligent and success oriented people with a positive attitude towards life. They believe in themselves and want to do as per their own way .People born on this date are joyful and attract other people just like honey bees. As their ruing planet is Jupiter, it enhances their charm, loyalty and intelligence. They always try to make others happy and try to help people in their distress.

They are very organized and disciplined people and like to keep their things beautifully .People born on 21st October are very restless people. They are very active and don’t like any monotonous activity. They are very optimistic people with a versatile communication skill. They are very much interest in learning many languages. It has been said that they have a great negotiating skills and are very imaginative thinker.

Alfred Nobel, the famous Swedish chemist who invented dynamite and other explosives born on 21st October. He was a chemist, engineer, innovator as well as armaments manufacturer. He is the one who institute the Noble prizes from his enormous fortune from 355 patents.