Famous People Born On August 20

People born on 20th august, being a Leo as zodiac sign, driven to success. But ambition and honesty seems to dominate their personality. Hard working person, so people depends on you more. Rather than this both family and work are equally preferred. You love to face challenges but you won’t share your secrets, even with your close ones. Some of the famous people born on 20th august are N.R. Narayana Murthy, Rajiv Gandhi and Benjamin Harrison.

You are born with overcoming obstacles. You naturally match romantically with Aries and Sagittarius. Your planetary influence makes you more motivated. Fire is the paired element for your zodiac sign. These people have personality traits and characteristics which is unique to them. These people are frank and open in their communication. These individuals are highly intuitive and sociable and quite sensitive. Due to astrological symbol lion, they are courageous and loyal.

You are ordinarily brilliant and form close friendship with others. It results in influencing stronger in your goal. If you face hard challenge, this fire encourages you to lead success. While coming to career, you put your career in success but difficult to choose the right path. Your social capabilities make you best fit in politics or public relation. Entertainment world gives you revolutionary career in both acting and singing. Your sign is ruled by the sun and also subject to influence of mars. Straightforward is the negative in your character.