Famous People Born in 1958

The Chinese astrological calendar relates the year 1958 with the dog and the people born in this year are believed to possess the character attributes of this loyal and faithful animal. Like the dog, these people make fabulous companions and great friends. When someone is in need of help, the dogs are the first ones to come forward and these people also have the ability to instill confidence in others. Here are some famous people born in the year 1958:

These people have the aggressive streak, which makes them born warriors. They bear a great sense of duty and honor and usually do not like those who do not have these qualities.

The people born in 1958 are shy by nature and like to listen rather than speak in social gatherings. This makes them ideal companions for those who are more outspoken and showy. They are the ones who would stand up against anything that is going wrong around them and have the courage to stand up for the rights of the people who are at the suffering end.

They have many positive qualities, which makes them successful in important careers like those of teachers, doctors, nurses and social activists.

Those who are born in the year 1958 cannot take wrong in a stride and when they come across even their loved ones doing so, they tend to become cold and judgmental. Their anger is, however, short lived and they continue to be loyal and devoted towards their friends and family once they cool down.