Famous People Born in 1953

The Chinese astrology lays due importance on the birth year of a person and studies the personality of an individual in relation to the animal associated with each year. It regards 1953 as the year of the snake and people born in this year are extremely emotional, though they seem to be very quiet on the surface. They prefer to work quietly and seldom yearn to be the spotlight. When they actually reach a high level of success and recognition, it is due to their hard work and real accomplishments.Here are some famous people born in the year 1953:

The people born in the year 1953 tend to enjoy their own space and would make decisions based on their gut feelings rather than relying on the advice of other people. These people believe in hoarding and would be cautious about lending money to their friends, though they never back out when others are in dire need. In fact, they turn out to be the most sympathetic on such occasions. When it comes to money making, snakes are extremely lucky and get success in their endeavors.

The 1953 born people are good at business and can also get success in the fields of banking, writing, teaching and private investigation. When it comes to relationships, these people are slow to let others come close to their hearts but when they allow someone to do so, they can be very possessive and even seductive. However, they tend to be very passionate, to the extent of being jealous in love as well as friendship.