Famous People Born On August 19

People born on 19th August are under the sunshine of Leo and are inherent with the quality of the leaders and they have the very idea that they should always have the leadership qualities inbuilt in them. These people are charitable leader and since their ruling planet is sun this is the reason that they have been able to have the impact of their personality and trait in everything that they do. This is the reason that these leaders have been able to have a new ideology of their own. Some of the famous personalities born are: Adam Akin; Coco Chanel; Mathew Peirce and so on.

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    Microsoft was on a hunt for the replacement for its long time CEO Steve Ballmer, a crucial time for the company as the sales were on...
  • Coco Chanel Success Story

    Childhood Born into an impoverished single-parent family in western France in 1883, Coco Chanel certainly didn't seem like a likely candidate to revolutionize the world of fashion. The company spawned by her immense success in menswear and clothing design, Chan...

People born on 19th August are having a strong sense of leadership in them which means if they are your boss then you need to be careful in handling them as they could be more bosses at certain point of time. But however these people have a warm nature a friendly hearty and are very sensitive by nature which again means that they will be the perfect partner and a very loyal companion. These people have a greater idea of achievement and they will be able to create a new amount of warmth in the environment that they are in. people born on this date are true achievers and they know how to create the path for the same as well. The people born on this date can have high career aspect and they really grow.

One of the famous personalities born on this date is Bill Clinton, the former president of United States of America. He is a great economist and one of the bright presidents in the history of America who have been able to clear many a new terms and that have been able to create a new amount of economic stability.