Famous People Born On February 18

People born on 18th February are termed to have a great personality trait and they have a great amount of power in them. These individuals have a great amount of strength to face the world and they also posses a very friendly nature. People born on this date are assertive in their nature and they have been able to understand that in order to have a better life process they should be able to understand the people as well. Some of the Famous personalities born on 18th February are: Matt Dilon ; John Travolta ; Dr. Dre ; Eden wood ; J Hope.

These people have a unbelievable persuasive power that can be sometime quite useful as they may have given them the power of self in a much better manner as well. They are very career oriented and focus and they have the general ability to have great amount of understanding as well.

People born on 18th February are very decisive and depending in nature and then they also have the idea that we should be able to have a friend like them because that would actually give them a better opportunity and work process. Health wise they have a bit more care of their health as they are prone to smaller infections and burns. They have a good judgment scenario and they are being able to have the better grasp for the same as well.

One of the famous personality born on 18th February is Gorge Peabody is the American British Entrepreneur and Philanthropist and is also regarded as the father of Modern Philanthropy . He is a great businessman and has been able to create a new amount of idea among the businessman fraternity for the same case. He stood up for the social cause if development.