Famous People Born On August 16

As per astrology, people born on this date come under the zodiac sign of Leo .People born on this date are noble and kind. The ruling planet Sun and Neptune have a great influence on them. People born on this date are blessed with a kind of generous and disciplined conduct. They have a perceptive approach towards their life. They are empathic towards others. People born on this date are usually visionary. They have a futuristic eye. They know how to maintain their energy and have the ability to be successful personally, socially and professionally.

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People born on this date are disciplined and this quality gives them a sense of personal awareness and success. They are likely to be productive and are very much active. People born on this date have a sense of personal awareness and success. They are comfortable with giving and receiving emotional intimacy. They are very loving, generous and serious minded people. They are very much dedicated to their work and strive hard for what they want in their life.

People born on this date are charming and are filled with friendliness and fine manners. People born on this date are lucky enough as they are bestowed with an abundance of discipline, determination and dedication. They are very much confident and ambitious and innovative mind people. They are extremely curios and logical. They are naturally clever and talented people. They are capable of working in various professions.

One of the famous people born on 16th august is Madonna Louise Ciccone. She was born on the same date in year 1958.She is an American singer, actress and a business woman. She is often referred to as Queen of pop.