Famous People Born On January 12

Those who are born on January 12th belong to the sign of Capricorn which holds tenth place in the sequence of zodiac signs. Among the starts, these people are found to be very practical one’s and are cautious in everything that they do in their life. Their zodiac element is the earth and their ruling planet is Saturn. Swami Vivekananda, Jeff Bezoz and Zyan Malik are some of the popular personalities who were born on this date, 12th Jan.

  • Zayn Malik Success Story

    Profile Zayn Malik is best known as the former member of One Direction, the boy band created from The X Factor in the year 2010. He is a solo recording artist with RCA Records....
  • Jeff Bezos Success Story

    Profile Jeffrey Preston ‘Jeff’ Bezos is one of the most successful technology tycoons and investors in the world currently. He is the Founder and CEO, Amazon.com, the largest retailer on the World Wide Web. It has become a role model for every online re...
  • Narendra Nath Datta Success Story

    Childhood Swami Vivekananda, born Narendra NathDatta born in 1863, was a Hindu monk known for his role in the spiritual enlightenment of the Indian masses. As an influential spiritual leader, he is also credited for bringing the philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to ...

The key characteristic features of these people are that they are very sensual, faithful, susceptible, loving and sympathetic too. You can also find them very moody or over reactive at times. They are very charitable too. These people have been very successful in their career. They are very determined and reach the stars. You can find them to be very subtle and are very dedicated in their work. They are noted for their brilliance.

They have the best platform in literature, philosophy and science. You can find the goats are either very ambitious or set their goals and achieve them or they are content in their own way. They always desire for affection and love and believe in having a long-lasting and permanent relationship.