Famous People Born On September 2

As per astrology, people born on 2nd September come under the sign of Virgo. These people are practical, detailed and analytical. They are equipped with lots of energy. People born on this date are very curious and like to explore ad take part in new adventures. They keep their ambition and dreams to themselves and work hard to reach their destiny. Some of the famous people born on 2nd September are: Lakshmi Mittal, Shi Yuzhu, Guy Laliberte and so on.

  • Ishant Sharma Success Story

    Long hair, tall and lean Indian fast bowler, this is how Ishant Sharma is known. He bowled some stunning spells that will be remembered by cricket fans for a long time, especially the spell he bowled to the then Australian captain Ricky Ponting on fourth day of Perth test matc...
  • Andrej Babis Success Story

    Andrej Babis is an agro-food billionaire, living in Czech, and born in Slovakia. He is one of the top billionaires of Czech Republic, and he is a politician too. Son of a diplomat, he is the finance minister of Czech Republic, and a political party leader before that. ...
  • Shi Yuzhu Success Story

    Born in an ordinary family to ordinary parents, Shi Yuzhu was crazy, bold and passionate from his very childhood years. He has knowledge and understanding of a diverse range of fields, thanks to his love for reading books. Today, he is one of the richest individuals in China, ...

In general, people born on 2nd September are shy ad make less friends. But good thing in that they like to maintain their friendship till the last phrase of their life. People born on 2nd September are usually very generous people. They have the ability to sympathize with other people and they never give people any negative advice.

People born on this date are imaginative. As per astrology the ruling planet for the 2nd September born is Moon, hence these people are likely to be well mannered and fairly balanced people in their life. They possess more diplomacy and are usually less critical than most of other Virgos. People born on this date are usually dominated by a strong will and great organization skills. They like to maintain discipline in their work. They have the ability to direct other and that makes them a natural leader. One of the best quality of the people born on this date is that they are devoted to their loved ones.

One of the famous people born on 2nd September was Romare Bearden. He was born on this date in 1911 and died in 1988.He was an American artist and a writer. His art are marked by exceptional talent comprising a broad of intellectual and scholarly interests. He used to depict African-American life in his writings .He worked with many types of media including cartoons, oils and collages.