Famous People From South Africa

The country came into existence in 1910 after the union of two British colonies and independent republics into a single Union of South Africa. Democracy cameto the country in 1994, and South Africa became a Democratic Republic Nation. South Africa has eleven official languages. Afrikaans is the most widely used language along with English and Bantu.

Until nineteenth-century livestock farming was the main occupation of Africans. But the discovery of the largest diamond mine Kimberley and after that world’s greatest gold reef found in Witwatersrand Johannesburg changed the occupation of people. Mining Industry still provides prime employment opportunities to South-Africans in gold, diamonds, coal, platinum and other rare metals. Along with this person of South Africa are also taking an interest in other industries such as heavy equipment assembling, automobile, food, and wine industry.

Though this piece of land has produced many gems in the field of business, politics, banking and literature but how can one forget Nelson Mandela? A world famous leader Nelson Mandela has made the country very popular. His struggles against apartheid has made him one of the most popular leaders of this era. It is the result of his terrible efforts to free the country that people today breathe in the atmosphere of freedom.

South Africa has always been the battlefield of racism and color caste system. Black people were always treated as slaves under British invasion and were always confined to limited social and economic status. Gradually some black people along with Indians attained education and from this class, a mission ”Native Colleges” emerged as education awareness among black people. Soon many of them gained popularity and became prominent leaders. They started improvement for racial equality and after freedom in 1994 black peoples held positions in leading sectors and attained a higher level of society.

Urban South Africa has high interest in support of arts, literature, graphic arts and performance arts. Many people support these to uplift the cultural heritage of South Africa.