Famous People From Egypt

Egypt is one of the ancient countries of the world. The majority of people are Sunni Muslims, and others are Christians. Arabic is the official written and spoken language of Egypt for almost 13 centuries. Islam is the prominent religion in Egypt. Oneness of God is Islam’s main belief. Some people have great respect for shrines which is a place where “Saints” whom they treat as beloved of Godare buried. They visit these places to overcome personal problems, recovery from disease or misfortunes.

There are other people also who have tremendous respect for “Sufis”. Sufis under the leadership of “Shaykh” attain the mystical experience of union with God through a number of collective rituals called “Zikr.”

This small country has produced a lot of experts of various fields. One can see people from this country leading in the field of entertainment, politics, business and art. Omar Sharif, the famous actor who belongs to Egypt. His commendable work under English as well as American movie makers have made him favorite hero to lot of people.

The main occupation of Egyptians is farming as Egypt is a rich agricultural nation. Farmers opt for crops like cotton, wheat, sugarcane, fava beans and maize. Other people also do livestock farming of cattle, sheep, buffalo and goats. People who don’t have proper knowledge of farming opt for heavy industrial work as their source of income. They work in textile and garments manufacturing, cement and metal industry, automobile industry.

In Egypt, there is abroad gap between poor and wealthy people. Wealthy people have higher social and economic advantage in terms of possession, speech and by other means. However with spreading levels of education, the income of the middle-class families are increasing. People of Egypt are equipped with modern facilities of health care, yet some have a belief for a traditional practice called homeopathy. Other traditional loresare seers and spirit healers. People who believe in these practices undergo “zar” ceremony performed by healers to cure the patient.