Famous People From Colombia

Colombia is a famous country. Bogota is the capital of this beautiful country, and the population of it is around 43 million. The official language of the people in this part of the world is Spanish. The majority of the people here consider themselves to be Roman Catholics. The church has as usual always been a major source of influence in the life of Colombians, and this relates to marriage as well as personal affairs. In the social stage, the family takes centre stage, and it acts as a great source of support as well as courage.

It is still common for children to remain at home before they marry and the elderly tend to be reserved because of their experience as well as age. The society in the country is a hierarchical one and people earn respect because of their age as well as position. With this also there is a sense of responsibility and Colombians expect them to take all the decisions in their family.

This country has a lot of people who have contributed much to various fields such as Art, Literature, Music, Sports and technology. The famous pop-singer Shakira is a name on which the country feel pride. She has won lot of awards for her melodious music and got huge fame for her albums.

It is imperative for men to shake hands before and after the meeting. The men need to wait for the women to extend their hand. Eye contact is viewed in a positive manner, and you should engage in some form of small talk before you start the actual conversation. In terms of food habits, all food is eaten in utensils with a spoon and a fork. At no point, one should use toothpick in their table, and it is a polite gesture to eat everything that is being served at the table. Avoid confrontations at all cost during your interactions.