Famous People Born in Washington D.C.

Washington, DC is exclusive amongst American cities as it was recognized by the Constitution of the United States to serve up as the nation's capital. From the commencement it has been mixed up in political maneuvering, and sectional differences, as well as issues of race, national individuality, compromise as well as of course, power.

The architecture is extremely incredible. Six of the top 10 buildings according to the American Architecture preferences are the White House; the building of Washington National Cathedral; the building of Thomas Jefferson Memorial; the building of United States Capitol; the building of Lincoln Memorial; as well as the building Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Washington DC also plays a great role in culture and entertainment sector also as a lot of celebrities born here. Samuel L. Jackson was born here. Jackson was dynamic in the black student movement. In the seventies, he connected with the Negro Ensemble Company. In the eighties, he became well recognized after three movies prepared by Spike Lee.

Versatile veteran character actor Jonathan Banks was born here too. From the early years of his life he had an interest in acting and stage work, so decided to pursue his passion and decided to be an entertainer. Physician, social activist as well as author Hunter Doherty Patch Adams born here. Pearl Bailey; a famous singer was also born here. Carl Bernstein author, journalist has his home town as this place as well. In Sports sector also Washington DC also plays a huge role. Many remarkable athletic have originated from here.