Famous People Born in Toronto

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada which is the capital of Ontario. The construction industry has grown remarkably and the employment growth rate is excellent in Toronto. The population growth rate has come down because of the decline in the rate of people migrating from other parts of the world to Toronto. This city hopes to improve its employment growth rate further during the year 2016-17. Job opportunities were widened by various sectors like Finance, Real estate, Insurance, Technical and scientific fields.

This city with excellent growth rate has seen the growth of many talented people over the years. There are many such people, who find a place in the list of famous persons in this city. Now let us discuss in brief who are on this list. Have you ever heard the name of the company called Thomson Reuters? No wonder then you would have heard about David Thomson then. He is the Chairman of the famous Information group Thomson Reuters. His family is listed as the No 1 in Canada and 25th richest in the world by the Forbes Magazine.

Drake is a rapper who is blessed with a sweet voice. He has won Grammy awards. When he was 15 years old, he acted in a television series in Canada. By now he has sold 5 million copies of his songs and is ranked no 2 on MTV's hottest MCs game VII list. He is the second person whose two hits found places in the top ten in the same week.