Famous People Born in Ontario

Ontario is a province in Canada which is situated between the Hudson bay and the US. Ontario is a richly populated city in Canada. Almost 37% of the people of Canada live here. This place is a heaven for businessmen because of the presence of the business- friendly environment persisting here. The countries from all over the world are coming to this place to invest here. There is a favorable environment for business because of the presence of airport and continuous availability of skillful labor. There is no scarcity of natural resources and the high technology, which create a friendly atmosphere for the business to flourish.

Jim Carrey is a Canadian actor who is famous for his slapstick performance. He got initial recognition for his role in a television series In Living color. He was not successful initially, but got a breakthrough in his performance in the film Trueman show. There is another great man in Ontario who has got immense talent in the field of sports. He is none other than the hockey player Wayne Douglas Gretzky. He played brilliantly even when he was a child and the remarkable thing about him is that he played with children who are 4-5 years elder to him. He won many awards like Rookie award and Most sportsmen like player awards.

It is really hard to become famous and it is even more difficult to earn fame during tender years. Justin Bieber is a talented singer who conquered everybody's heart with his melodious voice as early as 15 years. Within a span of 6 years, he has won 6 awards, which show the wide acceptance of this young star by his audience.