Famous People Born in Tamil Nadu

Tamilnadu is a land of exotic jasmine flowers. It is bordered by Kerala, Karnataka, and Andra Pradesh. This state is rich in natural resources and provides employment to around 10% of the total Indian population. Tamilnadu has 6% of the total population living in it. It has a lot of beautiful temples which are constructed in the Dravidian style. The Tanjavur Brahadishwara temple shows the skill of Pallava kings in the field of architecture. A Classical dance form called Bharatanatyam took birth in Tamilnadu. Bharatanatyam is a classical art form which spiritually connects the body and the soul. 

There are many gems who are born with high intelligence and skills in arts, Science, and business. A game which involves the maximum use of the brain is chess. Viswanathan Anand is a world class chess champion who has earned a name for himself in this field. He is the first champion from India who was able to prove his skill in an indoor sports game called chess. He has won several titles which made him the undisputed leader in chess for a few years. But in 2013, he lost the championship to Magnus Carlsen.

Another great person this world has seen is, perhaps, Abdul Kalam, who was a famous scientist from a humble background from India. His story is highly inspirational because he started off as a newspaper boy to become a person who is widely accepted by the people across the globe. He is a scientist and the ex- president of India who lived and died for the people of this nation. He is fondly called by the people of India as The missile man of India.