Famous Cricketers

Cricket is not a mere bat-ball game, but a co-ordination of 11 players who specializes in their own field & how can they defeat the opponent’s 11 talented players. To become a good cricketer one must have the basic ability to make it to the top. To make it there a cricketer must be realistic about his talent by setting up smaller achievable goals even if it’s a long way to achieve the greatness or perfection of the sport.Here are some of the famous Cricketrs across the globe who have contributed their bit to the world of sports :

For a cricketer the most important thing is practice. The early a player starts to learn cricket and practise the better it is. A cricket player has to go through a lot when it comes to getting selected. And if the cricketer is working with such skill, power that selectors have to select them if they find the talent in him.

Cricket is also a mind game & all about attitude. It is important for a cricketer to be mentally tough and needs development for the range of Shots an individual will play. A cricketer should study the sport with such an ease that he should be satisfied with his own performance. A cricketer must face failures & criticism too – as win & loss are part of a players life.

Cricket as a game is extremely dynamic, played in mainly 3 formats – Test, ODIs & T20s. While longer version is the test of patience & cricketing skills, the shorter versions are more strategic & innovative. Since it’s a team game, a Cricketer should always be a team player & contribute his bit for the larger interest of the team, which represents his country.