Famous People Born On July 30

People who are born on 30th July come under the sun sign of Leo. Leo men and women have typical personality traits. They have good sense of humor and also loves to attend family gatherings as well. These individuals have the ability to express openly. They are also found to be very practical and maintain good relationship with their family as well as friends. These people are also lucky in financial matters where they also have the idea as to how they can save their pocket in the best way. Being energetic and practical they love to guide others and comes for rescue in case any of their friends fall in trouble.

  • Christopher Success Story

    Childhood Christopher ‘Edward’ Nolan was born on July 30, 1970 in London, England. Nolan took interest in filmmaking from the age of 7. He liked to take his father’s Super 8 camera and shoot short movies with his action figure toys. He went on to ...
  • Arnold Success Story

    Childhood Born in the Austrian village of Thal on July 30th, 1947, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a fairly normal child in his early years. With a police officer for a father and a housewife for a mother, the Austrian family endured a straightforward, strict ...

People born on 30th July are also found to be very loving as well as passionate at the same time. They are also found to be romantic and devoted to their partners as well. They love fame and money and this is the reason why they try hard to achieve it in the best way. With a charming and affectionate temperament, they believe in having effective communication in the best way. They also love to keep themselves fit and so for this reason they exercise daily without any fail or hit the gym as well.

One of the famous personalities born on 30th July was Henry Ford. He brought a revolution in the automobile industry through his hard work and dedication. Being one of the world’s most important industrialists he has really been able to make a mark in his life through his good work. He was the person who created the Ford Quadricycle in the best and innovative way. So he has really been able to mark his presence in this world.