Famous People Born On July 29

Individuals born on 29th July are confident people bubbling with energy and are completely free spirited. They are optimistic & has high degree of determination, also they are generous and having charismatic appearance. Leo as per their zodiac sign, these individuals are emotionally sensitive & has got creative mind. Financially they are stable & have full control over their wealth, they also believe in saving for the future expenses and unexpected endeavours. Some of the famous & successful people born on 29th July are – JRD Tata, Li Ka Shing, Patrick Soon, Ginni Rometty, Clara Bow.

  • Li Ka Success Story

    Synopsis Asian subcontinent gave the world some of its most prolific business leaders and entrepreneurs. However, very few make it to the zenith of success fighting poverty and a myriad of barriers. One such visionary and leader is Li Ka Shing.Without a strong fina...
  • J. R. D. Tata : Father of Indian Aviation

    Profile Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata was a French born, Indian aviator, not to mention an unparalleled business tycoon. He is India’s first licensed pilot, having qualified in 1929. For his extraordinary contribution to industries, he was awarded ...

These Leos are humorous and optimistic nature. High level of confidence, ambitious, generous, loyal & encouraging are some of the traits common to all those individuals born on 29th July.

Being blessed with some versatile talents, finding a perfect job is an easy task for these individuals. They love responsibilities & management positions are most popular career choices among them.They are also a family oriented individual – maintains a hearty relationship with family members, friends & relatives.

Their charming nature coupled with resourceful creativity, these individuals can go far in life & excel. The 29th July guys have few drawbacks – they are stubborn, melodramatic, pretentious and domineering. If they are in command and control, business dealings are easy and successful for Leo. They are impactful, they create a difference in the workplace and help to keep the parts moving in sync and iron out any differences before they arise.